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24 April - 20 July 2019.

Rosmersholm Customer Reviews

4 / 5 (52 customer reviews)

Chris Nixon

25 hours ago

I don't know where to begin. I could easily write 100 pages why I loved the play. Rosmersholm is probably my favourite play of all time, next to Ben Johnson's 'Volpone'. I have read the play many times. I love it because it so relevant an timeless; and I love Rebecca West, she is a character with many layers. As a massive fan of gothic literature, I also love the supernatural elements of the play. Now I come to the performance. Rosmersholm has often been criticized on stage for its lack of passion in the performance. Ibsen once stated that you cannot approach the play as an intellectual; you must feel the passion and play the characters as if you were living your life. All I can say is Ibsen is smiling down on you all. You have achieved this. I felt every moment on stage. Kroll is the voice of reason; Rebecca and John are the voice of passion. Tom Burke and Hayley Atwell are on fire with their performance. You truly feel their idealism and their own personal tragedy. Comparing it with the original play, I would say that you have done a splendid job introducing the very contemporary setting of the election day, as if it were now. How interesting that we had the European elections this week and also the announcement of Teresa May's departure as prime minister. What I love about re-reading a play or watching a new adaptation on stage is I will pick up new ideas I might have missed before. And thanks to this production, I can say I have thought of several new ideas. One of these is a comparison to Shakespeare's greatest tragedies. In his tragedies, we see the main character showing a flaw in their character from the beginning: this triggers all the tragic events that folow.This is also the case with Rosmersholm. Rebecca's birthright is the pinnacle moment that triggers the tragedy that lies ahead in the Rosmer household. Another interesting theme I hadn't picked up on before, is how childhood is linked to innocence. How true is it that as children, we don't necessarily think of the larger problems in life. We have a greater freedom than we have when we are adults. I keep bringing up Wuthering Heights, but it's very similar. When Cathy and Heathcliff are young, they are not affected by wealth or status and their childhood is symbolic of their simple happiness. As soon as they become adults, the problems begin, and tragedy strikes. Rebecca and John are also affected by the pressures of adult responsibilities: they are forced to accept all what has happened in the past. Rosmersholm is amazing and I urge everyone to watch it. I would also like to see it taken to other countries, especially the USA. Please tell the cast from myself that the play was probably one of the best I have ever seen, and I have seen many different shows over the years. Please tell them that Julie says congratulations and Ibsen is smiling down on you all xxx

John S. McBratney

1 day ago

Funny, intense, topical, superbly acted.

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