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    Running time
    2hr 45min (inc. one interval)
    Performance dates
    29 January - 27 February 2020
    Special notice
    PLEASE NOTE: Sung in English with surtitled for sung words displayed above the stage. The performance on Thursday 6 February will NOT HAVE SURTITLES.
    There will be a signed performance on Tuesday 25 February.

    Carmen Customer Reviews

    3 / 5 (14 customer reviews)


    6 July 15

    Felt more like a contemporary musical rather than opera, which was actually quite nice.


    6 July 15

    First: the english translation, unnecessary since the lyrics were projected, badly fit the music and distorted the arias. The site of the opera's action seemed somewhere in the near present but the costumes seem to straddle many periods. What was that Christmas tree there for? The characterizations through the whole thrust of the story off: all the women seemed aggressive, immoral, and without concern for anyone but themselves. The critical card game, which was based ona true belief in the prognosticative power of the cards, was treated like a stupid, careless activity. Carmen — a blond gypsie?—was portrayed also as aggressive and immoral rather than the hard-dealing woman caught in a hard-scrabble life. This Carmen seemed totally indifferent to any of her men, including Don Jose and Escamillio (whose casting made him unbelievable as a treat to Don Jose). This Carmen was in love withh no one. So her self-sacrifice did not fit what her lyrics described. Don Jose was poorly sung with several ky notes missed. And he was without the tormented character "Carmen" the opera not performed required. Not to mention that he was so out of shape he could not manage the fighting on the car tops scene. And what was that busness of putting leggings and high heel shoes? Was she being tarted up for the man they were trying to cheat, starting her out early in her life as aa immoral , aggressive, psychopathic gypsie? In short: I was extremely disappointed and now need to see a real "Carmen" to have my love of the opera revivified.

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